The Elf Bar King Disposable Vape


Elfbark is a type of hypnotic tea that can be made from the bark of an elf tree. It has a range of effects that can be used to increase your Wit, but can also have some negative consequences. The Chalcedans seem to be strongly witted, so it would make sense that they use it on their slaves as a way to strengthen their skill.

What is Elfbark?

Elfbark is a type of bark that can be used to make hypnotic tea. It is a potent stimulant that can be addictive and can make the user feel fearful and despondent.

Typically, it is smuggled into Chalced from plantations along the border with the 6D. It is a strong substance that can be very effective in increasing the amount of hours that slaves work.

It also possesses the ability to dampen a slave’s spirit and prevent them from attempting to escape. Using it can be profitable, but it is an expensive drug.

Fitz uses it to help him dull his Skill-hunger and reduce the headaches he experiences after Skilling. Kettle is horrified when she learns of this, as it is believed to extinguish the ability to Skill in the young and cripple its growth for older Skill-users.

How to make Elfbark

Elfbark is a surprisingly complex gizmo to make but is not impossible to produce if you have the right tools in the right hands. To get the most out of your elfbark you’ll need an ingenious plan and a keen eye for the finer points of this time-honored elixir. A few tidbits to keep in mind include the size of the tree you’re dealing with, the best place to harvest the bark, and what you should do once you’ve harvested it. The best part is that the process is a lot more fun than it sounds and the end results will reward you with a well-priced gift for yourself or someone else you know. Be sure to check out the product page for more details.

Effects of Elfbark

Elfbark is a powerful stimulant and can be taken sporadically over time, which can lead to addiction and depression. It is also known to alter the temperament of those who use it, making them suspicious and defensive even with their closest companions.

It is often used to drug slaves in Chalced, increasing their stamina but dulling their mind so that they don’t try to escape. But it can also make the slave feel depressed and irritable.

While it can dull Skill-hunger, Kettle reveals to Fitz in the third book that it can actually deaden one’s ability to Skill. This is something Fitz has noticed for a while, as his Skill-headaches have worsened after Skilling, and she warns him against using it.

She tries to persuade Fitz to give it up, but the Fool is reluctant. Instead, he drinks more of the elfbark tea she prepared for him and finds himself connecting with Chade once again through Skill.

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